Sunday, 24 October 2010

Studio and design essentials

Here are a few of the things I never design without…

The Hoodie

Not only is it a simple and effective way to maintain a nice working temperature, it's always a nice thing to put the hoodie up and zone out in front of the computer, meeting table or sketchbook. It's like a little bedroom you can wear.

The Sketchbook

Great for logging my sketches and design ideas... I can go for a walk or hide out in a vacant room and work out the tough stuff without the self consciousness of doing it in front of other people.

The iPod

I just leave home, ride the subway, have a coffee, do some CAD or just chill out with all my favourite tracks buzzing. I just choose the band that gets me in the mood and get ready to design and creative action.


White Phosphorus said...
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White Phosphorus said...

Nice! Great post tommy- tweet the link!

I would replace iPod with smartphone- it's got the music as well as infinite reference material, and instant access to a host of potential collaborators - all conveniently in your pocket - ready for when inspiration strikes you. Goes without saying that discipline is required to ensure this powerful tool does not become a mere distraction.

But which smartphone? iPhone works to a point, but I've been thinking more and more about the android os. Or maybe even the nokia n900... I may relent after all.