Sunday, 30 November 2008

The Ugly Faces

When the city's life moves on, people tend to forget about the "Ugly Faces" of the city. While new "fresh" architects start their practice they design buildings as if they where monuments, very often with no contextual respect. Their new building is "dropped off" at a site like an alien spaceship forgetting about what stands around them.

Their is nothing wrong with the new modern approach to design and the creation of new history rather then holding our same cultural heritage forever, but buildings must be designed as if they where timeless and should have a positive effect on the city.

Now lets look at these "Ugly faces" of the urban landscape. They reflect on the personality of the people who live there, they are strong, powerful and dangerous. Not forgetting that architecture is an imposed art, we can not forget that if we design a building it can have a huge effect on peoples everyday lives.

But its not only about designing new buildings that our better and wont turn in to or be part of these Ugly Faces. We can not move on and pretend that the Ugly Faces do not exist, or pretend we have nothing to do with them. As an architect if you want to change something in this world, start from your city, start from the neighbourhood that you look down to with total rejection, the neighbourhood that stays gray and dirty, the neighbourhood with crime and violence.

Change the architecture.

We have to think of architecture at a bigger scale and the effects it has on people, both now and in a thousand years.

Changing the Ugly faces of the city to something more human can change the city growth. Adopting the facades of the Ugly Faces of the city to change the space can result in not only government support but the people support. Lets face it, people always want a better place to live, a better environment, people want a better life.

So lets start now, we can look at this as another way of recycling the city and saving the Environment.

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