Monday, 31 January 2011

Everlasting Green Modules

Lots of ideas this morning ranging from a highrise building half-timber half-half concrete, to creating modular based architecture for ultimate reusability.  I'd love to do a study with architects on creating a "lego" set for the building indstry - looking closely at what repeatability could be used across various building types. It would be important to select the materials carefully for a cradle to cradle approach, looking at long term effects such as creep and durability.  The idea is that a building should be easy to dissassemble if required and the pieces re-used with little or no modification to assemble new dwellings.  The engineering of this approach would have to be carefully balanced against aesthetic and offer freedom to a broad range of architectural styles.  This approach, I beleive, would provide the most economical, sustainable and safe approach to construction. Any takers or suggestions?  

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