Saturday, 20 September 2008

The Two Questions

The Holotects seek to answer to two very important and interlinked questions, sometimes at odds to themselves.

1) What makes a great building product?
2) what makes a great building process?

To do this, building product can be understood as the end result of a building process, usually in the form of a dwelling or other shelter from the elements that supports human activity, directly or indirectly.

The building process is the conglomeration of all the activities that involve conceptualizing, designing and constructing the building product, in response to the clients brief, and all other influencing factors.

These inlfuencing factors include: legislative constraints, current market conditions, planning permission, as well as the moral/ethical implications of the aforementioned activities.

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Anonymous said...

In 1991 Bruno Urh became an award for his project in Rome SDO under the title "HOLOTECTURE". In 1992 he published his diplome on University of Ljubljana under the same title and in 1993 he published a book Holotecture for E.A.S.A. meeting on Shetland Islands. You can find his book scanned on He uses the term to describe a contemporary architecture in relation with contemporari (improoved) human (holohe, holoshe). Perhaps You find some usefull informations also on

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